Variable Data Label 

Variable Numbering Labels, Variable Name Labels, Variable Images

When your application requires a variable data dome label, we make ordering a simple, easy process. Our goal is to help provide you the quality, professional label you are looking for.

Variable Data labels can have different variable information or appearances, like different colors and images, variable product names, variable numbering, serial numbering, barcodes and 2D codes.  Here are some examples and illustrations to help you order the perfect label for your needs.


Multiple Quantity, Single or Multiple Fields

Variable Data File Quantities option allows you to have multiple labels that require specific quantities with variable names or numbering. This requires a variable data file in a .csv/Excel format. (Generally, 10% extras will be added and the order will be supplied 10% over/under.)

File Quantities data information
Variable Colors data information


Single or Multiple Fields

Variable colors option allows you to have labels that require special colors along with variable information on the label. (With this option, labels are generally supplied 0-10% under.)

MAP (Multiple Artwork Process)

 Multiple Quantity

When the label demand requires multiple artworks, we offer the Multiple Artwork Process (MAP) to make ordering several artworks easy and at affordable prices. For the MAP ordering process, the labels must be on the same substrate, be the same size, and shape. This requires a variable data file in a .csv/Excel format. (Labels are supplied on sheets with a +/- 10% over/under on each artwork.)

MAP Process data information
MAP Dots

Additional Variable Data Features

A wide range of options for variable data labeling are available. We are here to help you design the label option to fit your needs. This additional information may help you decide which code will fit your application:

Variable Bar Code and 2D Codes

Code 39 1-100

Code 39: One of the most widely-used bar codes that has a wide range of alphanumeric characters; however, it does not support lower case characters.

QR code 2-100

QR codes are most commonly used because most phone readers support QR reading. QR codes allow more alphanumeric characters than bar codes and data matrix codes.

code 128-100

Code 128: A compact alphanumeric bar code with error correction.

Data Matrix-100

Data Matrix codes also allow more information to be stored in the code than bar codes. The data matrix codes can be reduced to a smaller size and are more condensed and reliable because of higher error correction level.

Additional code types are available upon request.

Label Sets

Indicate label set requirements, combined or separate.

Combined 2-101
Seperate 3-101

 All Record Guarantee

Although we try to ensure every record or number in the sequence, some may be lost in production. We can guarantee every label with All Record Guarantee (additional fees may apply). Labels are generally supplied as 0-10% under. VD File Quantities option are supplied 10% over/under.

 Advanced Variable Data

Advanced variable data options are also available, which include variable colors, variable images, Multiple Artwork Process (MAP), and other specialized services. Contact us for additional information.

For more Variable Data information visit our TUFFLabels page.